TransAmericaRide '14

Days 4-7: Lake Mattamuskeet to Bath to Wilson to Raleigh


Day 4: Battery was dead:-(

Day 5

Day 7

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  1. Mama

    Hi Philipp,
    time to write again – after all!! Of course I’ve been following your reports and photos whenever I found them – mostly when getting up in the early morning (timeshift..), becoming a nice habit to start the day with to look if something new was there. Really nice to be able to „travel“ with you in a way. Yet – a very comfortable way!! I cannot tell you how impressed I am by the challenges you „deal“ with! You obviously have a lot (!) of mental and physical energy! Looking at the photo of this long, sandy, wet beach – imagining to „cross“ it by bike! Same with these for a European eye endless, never-ending roads! But looking at the distances you cycled every day, distances are (!) long! First looking at the daily distance meter I thought “ 79, quite a bit! With all that luggage.“ But only then I saw, it wasn’t kilometres but miles! Vowhh!! –
    Enjoy the time to come – new impressions, nice countryside, getting in touch with people (and there friendliness!!), being proud of yourself and what you are doing, enjoying not to have to learn for your studies every day…! Be friendly with your muscles and give them a break once in a while ;-)!
    Bis bald! Mama
    P.S.: I like the way you write. Very entertaining!
    P.P.S.: Very German addition: Gerade steht es in der 86. Spielminute 0:0 im Relegationsspiel HSV gegen Fürth….

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