TransAmericaRide '14

Days 43-52: Kansas

Salina, I’m as nowhere as I can be
Could you add some somewhere to me
Ah Kansas I’m kneeling, ah Kansas please

The Avett Brothers



Pittsburg to Chanute

Chanute to Cassoday (Prairie Chicken Capital of the World!)

Cassoday to Newton

Newton to Nickerson

Nickerson to La Crosse (long day!)

La Crosse to Ness City (short day:-)

Ness City to Scott City

Scott City to Eads, Colorado


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  1. Barbara Zielinski

    Hi Philipp,

    Congratulations on being so close to your finish line! I hear you are on track to reach Seattle next week. How I would love to greet you there with a great big, cheering crowd!!

    I was excited to see more photos on your blog today. I have loved following your journey and totally appreciate your perspective and sense of humor. It is quite amazing that you find time to caption and post. You look terrific–fit, happy and in good company with the fellow cyclists you have met along the way.

    Here’s to the home stretch of a journey that you will remember for the rest of your life. :)

    Barb (and Jerry, too)

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